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Tute   unique and collaborative model the institute is harnessing the power of collaboration and cooperation, bringing together world-recognized leaders from diverse disciplines and institutions (including brigham and women's hospital, harvard medical school and the broad institute), rising stars among bwh's junior faculty, gifted physicians-in-training, and brave, committed patients whose participation in clinical trials is essential for progress.   a differentiated approach the institute speeds the pace of discovery with practical translation to enhance care.   our strategy spans basic research aimed at revealing the molecular, biochemical and neurophysiological mechanisms underlying brain and mind disorders, to translational studies converting laboratory findings into personalized biomarkers and targeted therapies, and clinical trials testing the safety and effectiveness of new treatments. Our approach incorporates: cross-disciplinary translational clinics with advanced proof-of-concept clinical trials capacity research cores in neuro-genetics/genomics, biomarkers, neuroimaging, and bio-analysis informatics supporting clinical research databases, advanced analyses and ongoing comparative effectiveness and outcomes studies cross-cutting educational programs and conferences accelerated commercialization of translational insights   population based research, clinical trials, and services research arthur j. viagra for sale http://medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-viagra-prescriptions-mn/ buy generic viagra viagra for sale generic viagra online buy viagra viagra online in uk generic viagra online buy viagra online generic viagra online Barsky, m. D. , is professor of psychiatry and the director of psychiatric research at bwh.   dr. Barsky’s work has focused on hypochondriasis, somatization, and psychological influences on somatic symptom reporting in the medically ill.   his descriptive and empirical studies of hypochondriacal patients in ambulatory medical practice led to the formulation of somatosensory amplification as a pathogenic mechanism in the formation of hypochondriacal complaints.   based upon this formulation, he developed a cognitive/behavior therapy for hypochondriasis and demonstrated its efficacy in a randomized, controlled intervention trial.   this work has led to an intervention trial to test the effectiveness of this therapy in a  “real world,” community primary care practice.   dr. Barsky is also beginning a randomized, placebo-controlled intervention trial comparing cognitive/behavior therapy, fluoxetine, and their combination for hypochondriasis.   in a descriptive, empirical study, dr. Barsky has documented the economic and personal costs of somatization in general medicine practice, finding that 16% of total health care costs (an estimated $256 billion nationally) is devoted to.

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